Tax Changes Will Take Effect January 1, 2011

I have come out of hibernation because of an article I was emailed ( —-
Yes, there are tax savings about to expire in January 2011.
Is it the end of the world, no!

We were all happy and excited back when these great tax savings started, all we are doing is going back to the way it was before.  Many people took advantage of the home buyer credits and all the other great savings that came with these laws, but did anyone stop and think….what will this do to the Federal Deficit?  Hello people!  Our government has no money, and they just gave us several years of reduced taxes to help stimulate the economy and all we do is bitch that things are going back to the status quo.
I wish people would investigate a little before getting all upset over “new laws” that aren’t new —- again we are going back to the way things were —- THERE IS NO TAX HIKE!

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