Pure Heat Cordless Flat Iron

I recently purchased the Pure Heat Cordless Flat Iron. I made this purchase in a rush and without much research. Being an eco-friendly person, I was so excited to find this product. It offers an eco-friendly travel bag, is made with recycled components, and recycled packaging.

I have found that I do really enjoy the cordless aspect of the iron, but I am having a problem with heat retention. After the iron heats up to the 390 degree max, I started to use it; then the heat drops to 200 degrees. I have thin hair and it usually doesn’t take long to fix my hair, however, this item makes me take much longer in fixing my hair.
I am going to continue to use the iron and see if things get better as time goes on. Perhaps the battery just needs to be cycled through and will get better. I did find that it comes with a 1 year warranty, so if I am not happy in a few months, I will check into taking advantage of the warranty.

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